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Where to buy ERA tokens

In order to buy EarthBi (ERA) tokens, at the moment you can use several decentralized and centralized platforms including Nexex, Eidoo and our own exchange.

These platforms will allow you to buy ERA tokens with different pairs such as Bitcoin, fiat currency and Ethereum.


Reduce pollution
from plastics

Today, there are vast expanses of plastic waste that devour the sea, the earth, the life of animals and plants. Not everyone knows, however, that from the moment we wake up to the moment we go to sleep, with simple gestures, like washing our hands or taking a shower, we contribute to creating an invisible, sneaky pollution that grows day by day.
It is the microplastic that invades our world and our body also through the food chain.
The EarthBi goal is to reduce the problem of global pollution caused by plastic, the dispersion and accumulation of plastic products that are not biocompatible with the environment, thanks to an innovative product that manages not to contaminate the air, the soil, rivers, lakes and oceans in which we live, walk, breathe and whose fruits we eat.

Look at the world you live in today

Blockchain, the fully transparent supply chain

The EarthBi project pursues ethical issues such as transparency, quality assurance, respect for fundamental values ​​and that’s why it was decided to adopt the most advanced and innovative technologies, such as Blockchain, in numerous and decisive phases of the project.
This is a new way of managing information in a distributed and direct manner within an open and decentralized network.

With Blockchain, in fact, it is possible to hold a distributed ledger of data on which different actors can add information or update the status of previous information.
The particular structure of Blockchain allows the information contained therein to be immutable over time, thus giving a significant added value in terms of security and reliability.
The traceability of the entire bioplastic production chain will therefore be guaranteed by the use of blockchain technology that will allow us to trace all the production cycles, with mathematical reliability, from the raw material to the finished product.
The EarthBi bioplastic buyers will have the certainty that the product has the declared characteristics of biodegradability and technical efficacy.

Bioplastic production

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EarthBi Project

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This bioplastic is
eco-friendly and traceable thanks to blockchain

EarthBi is a bioplastic developed and patented in Italy that wants to contribute to the reduction of the environmental plastic pollution


Interview with Marco Crotta: EarthBi Advisor

Our IEO Advisor Marco Crotta, blockchain expert, answers some questions to investigate the issue of transparency and guarantee that blockchain technology is able....


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