Nome Cognome

When Bioplastic meets
a new ERA

Our ERA token is now on sale on the LATOKEN exchange​



Reduce pollution
from plastics

With EarthBi, we can replace plastic and allow everyone not to change their habits, without polluting the world.

Nowadays, there are entire areas filled with plastic waste, destroying the sea, the land and the life of animals and plants.

Look at the world you live in today

Blockchain, the fully transparent supply chain

The traceability of the entire bioplastic production line will be guaranteed by the use of blockchain technology, which allows all production cycles to be traced with mathematical reliability, from the raw material to the final product.

Buyers of EarthBi bioplastic will be assured that EarthBi actually meets the stated requirements concerning biodegradability and technical efficiency

Bioplastic production
Where to buy ERA tokens

In order to buy EarthBi (ERA) tokens, at the moment you can use several decentralized and centralized platforms including Nexex, Eidoo and our own exchange.

These platforms will allow you to buy ERA tokens with different pairs such as Bitcoin, fiat currency and Ethereum.