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EarthBi is born in Italy:
the eco-sustainable bioplastic

According to a study based on Eurostat data, Italy is unfortunately on the list of the largest exporters of non-recycled plastic waste, ranking 11th in the world. In 2018, it sent over 197 thousand tons of plastic across the border, which, if not properly disposed of, ends up polluting the seas, rivers, land, and therefore also marine life and agricultural production, with a serious danger to human health through food intake.

The ecologist “shock” that is shaking consumers and institutions is determining a new consciousness towards this serious problem, and many initiatives have arisen to limit the environmental scourge.

An effective and radical solution comes from Italy, where a team of professionals determined to make a breakthrough, has engaged in a truly revolutionary competitive project, which can solve the problem by acting on production.

“We cannot give up such a useful and necessary material as plastic, but we can undo its devastating effects on the environment upstream”, explain Claudio Caserta and Francesco Improta, together with co-founders Alessio Altorio, Dario Castrichella, Mauro Pedretti, Riccardo Tos and angel investor Rodolfo Error, in charge of the EarthBi Project promoted by Valore Holding Group S.r.l.

The goal is to reduce environmental pollution caused by plastic thanks to a new material made through patented production processes.
Unlike the “no plastic” campaigns, which intend to block the entire industrial production of plastic, EarthBi wants, instead, to transform the entire sector, combining the continuous technological progress with environmental sustainability, having placed on the market a new biobased and biodegradable plastic material, which starting from PLA- Polylactic Acid, through a patent developed thanks to a specific study carried out in collaboration with Italian scientists and universities, improves and expands its use capacity, making it suitable for different production processes, even the most complex ones. EarthBi is produced using biomasses deriving from production waste of natural origin as raw materials, and can be disposed of through normal composting processes. It is also biodegradable. The patent was filed with the Italian Patent and Trademark Office under number 102019000002891 in collaboration with Studio Torta, one of the leading Italian companies specialized in patents.

“Bioplastics today account for less than 2% and on the total amount of plastic produced each year in the world, that is 400 million tons. Only with the increase in the use of bioplastics in the industry it will be possible to solve the environmental problem at the root”, team members declare.

The innovative EarthBi-ductile biopolymer is also suitable for printing complex plastic products rich in details such as bottle caps – it can be used in systems dedicated to traditional plastic processing, especially in injection and extrusion processes, without modifying the production lines. All in strict compliance with the regulations in force and with an accurate free consultation offered to companies in order to adapt the bioplastic to every production requirement.

From the first bioplastic production line in Italy, located in Pomezia (RM), in the next few months the plants will be developed in Slovenia and Malta, for a total final capacity of about 60,000 tons / year.

For the production of its bioplastic, in order to positively affect a global “change of course”, but above all to guarantee authentic transparency on the technical characteristics of the product, EarthBi has chosen to use Blockchain technology, which allows to trace each lot of the product and let customers and consumers know the quantity, origin and destination. The Blockchain is a tool that requires a strong assumption of responsibility with a reward in terms of business.

The EarthBi project also differs because, in addition to using traditional financing systems for the development of production facilities, it has decided to exploit the potential of the virtual economy to distribute the EarhtBi bioplastic at a global level.

In fact, through the utility token ERA, present on various exchange platforms, the producers will be able to obtain greater quantities of bioplastic, while the final customers will have discounts on design products made of bioplastic.

EarthBi has already signed a partnership with Redbox s.r.l., a multinational company with strong expertise in design packaging.