EarthBi Project

Our project was born within the Benefit Company Bio Valore World SpA, that holds the pilot’s license for the production of a biobased plastic, 100% biodegradable and compostable: the EarthBi bioplastic.
EarthBi is different from other bioplastics already on the market, thanks to the quality and unique characteristics of its biopolymer (PLA). These ones, associated with the technology and innovative know-how internally developed, make EarthBi biopolymer more ductile than the standard solution, and more suitable for a wide range of uses, in a highly performing and flexible way. Furthermore, the EarthBi bioplastic can be processed without modifying the traditional production lines.

EarthBi is a project and an idea.
EarthBi is an innovative bioplastic and a zero-impact production solution.
EarthBi is what makes us proud to contribute to the reduction of environmental pollution.

Our solutions mainly target extruders and printers; companies whose business includes the main processing technologies or the preparation of very different one to the other products, such as objects obtained for thermoforming, for weaving, films for single-component complex packaging, fillers and scrubs for cosmetics and some medical applications (systems fixation for bone fractures, sutures and various solutions for the administration of drugs).
Our innovative EarthBi bioplastic makes possible to mould complex and detailed plastic products. Its use can also be really suitable for those who, in different trades and markets, identify themselves with a product that, in addition to representing a range of industrial solutions, is a subject that respects the environment and those who live in it: an element of progress and protection of our planet.

Being a Benefit Company for us means recognizing ourselves in a different paradigm: having a positive impact on society and on our ecosystem as added value compared to traditional business purposes.

We have created an environmentally aware project and, at the same time, we put on the market an industrial solution open to the most various needs. In fact, all our solutions start from understandings specific needs, and allow us to make the principle of customer caring possible, which is fundamental: we do not sell a generic product, but through the family of biopolymers that make up our EarthBi Bioplastic, we offer tailor-made solutions, a careful dialogue and a trustful relationship with our customers.

In particular, our concept of value is expressed in a relationship that consider the respect for the planet, the needs of our partners, the valorization of people and moves along four fundamental directions for us: credibility, transparency, sustainability and responsibility.




Our identity is the meeting point between the vision of people who form the EarthBi project, the principle of sustainability of our bioplastic and its mission compared to the current market challenges.

Identity and values expressed through many keywords.
Words able to tell who we are and what EarthBi is.