Responsible development, useful technologies

Research, development and innovation are three fundamental guidelines within our EarthBi project. The use of increasingly advanced and effective technologies, together with the constant growth of know-how, allows us to look responsibly to the future and to pursue our market objectives, people’s well-being, the satisfaction of our commercial and institutional partners and to improve the environment.

We built research and development partnerships with the Departments of Industrial Engineering and Chemistry and Biology of the University of Salerno with the Department of Industrial Engineering of University of Rome 3 and the company GPS TECH, already spin off of State University of Milan so to be able to continue:

  • develop new technologies for the transformation and use of our biopolymers
  • develop new formulations
  • create innovative materials 

so as to increase the application methods of EarthBi and respond better to customer needs.

With the EarthBi project we pursue ethical principles such as transparency, quality assurance, credibility and respect for all the key players in our value chain.

For this reason, we have decided to adopt Blockchain technology throughout our production cycle. Blockchain technology allows us to track every single step of our internal processes and every batch of the product and make our partners know technical characteristics, quality, origin and destination. The Blockchain allows to manage information in a distributed and direct way within an open and decentralized network. With this technology it is in fact possible to maintain a distributed register of records on which different actors can add information or update the status of the previous ones, knowing that all the information contained in a Blockchain are immutable over time. This represents a significant added value in terms of safety and reliability.

With the Blockchain we provide our customers the certainty that the EarthBi bioplastic actually has the declared biodegradability and technical effectiveness characteristics.