A zero-impact project

EarthBi is a project that pays the utmost attention to sustainability: our bioplastic is 100% biobased, biodegradable and compostable. All our market solutions have the added value of being zero-impact, focused on a recyclable product ideal for the current challenges that the entire human community is facing, in terms of reducing pollution on the planet.

Bioplastic is already part of our daily life:

The production process and the PLA value chain:

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The accumulation and dispersion of non-biocomposable plastic products and microplastics in the environment generates negative consequences for the air, water, people, animals and our nourishment. EarthBi is positively and in harmony with the ecosystem, proposing a circular economy ranging from biomass to compostability, where the end-of-life waste of the product is used as a natural raw material, or reinserted within our own production cycle as a new raw material.

Our production model, completely falling within the circular economy, allows to extend the life cycle of products, to reduce waste to a minimum, generating further value for our partners and consumers.

Circular Economy of EarthBi Bioplastic:

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EarthBi takes care of the planet.
EarthBi turns your ideas into reality.
EarthBi wants to be the beginning of a new era.