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Environment, EarthBi ready for
revolutionary bioplastic production

Florence, 10 May (askanews) – A new generation of biodegradable plastic is ready to enter the market which, experts assure, will give an edge to overcoming, or at least drastically reduce traditional plastic and even microplastics.

Thanks to the Italian patent of EarthBi, start-up promoted by Bio Valore World, and to the agreement with the packaging giant Redbox, by the end of the year from Pomezia plant, and then from Slovenia and Malta, an important quantity of everyday products will be made in a modified form of Pla, polylactic acid. “A material – explains the CEO of Bio Valore World, Mauro Pedretti – which represents a revolutionary frontier in terms of resistance and biodegradability. Compared to the current market, we have a product that is better and with more capacity to use. This acid, which can also be obtained starting from the disposal of biomasses, has already interesting basic characteristics but we have improved it by bringing it to the characteristics that are very similar to traditional plastics in productive terms. For example, it allows us to make bottle caps, which up until now, due to the hardness of the material, hasn’t been possible. But depending on the customer’s needs, we can create a different bioplastic from time to time, potentially in almost all fields, from food packaging to cosmetics, passing by cars. And even – continues Pedretti – microplastics, because few know it, but inside products such as toothpaste, hand soap, dish detergent there is a 5, 10% of plastics that we, every day, without realizing it , put back into circulation through the drain in the sink at home. As regards market entry, Pomezia plant is at an advanced stage. We are entering the operational phase and we count a production from here to the end of the year ”, concludes Pedretti.

The patent is filed with the Italian Patent and Trademark Office with the number 102019000002891 in collaboration with Studio Torta, one of the leading Italian companies specialized in patents.

In April, from the partnership between EarthBi and Redbox s.r.l. – multinational company with strong expertise in design packaging, supplier of Nestlé, LVMH (60 luxury brands including Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior and Bulgari), Parmalat, San Pellegrino, Unilever, Toyota, Opel, Samsung, Coca Cola, Colgate, Ferrero and many others – Valore RedBox Packaging Innovation srl was born, to design and produce innovative bioplastic products for any form of packaging. From the first bioplastic production line in Italy, located in Pomezia, the plants will be developed in Slovenia and Malta in the upcoming months, for a total final capacity of around 60,000 tons per year.