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Plastic pollutes:
all that everyone can
do to save the Planet

From smart glasses to bioplastics that can be eaten by fish, more and more start-ups and innovative companies are producing intelligent and non-polluting materials.

Biodegradable plastic traced with the blockchain

EarthBi bioplastic is born in Italy, realized through patented and innovative production processes that also use Blockchain technology to “ensure transparency on the technical characteristics of the product and traceability“. This was explained by the founders of the EarthBi project, promoted by Valore Holding Group, aimed to “reduce environmental pollution caused by plastic“. “EarthBi – a note explains – is a new plastic material biobased and biodegradable, produced using biomasses deriving from production waste of natural origin and can be disposed of through normal composting processes“. The basic element is polylactic acid, that is a biodegradable plastic produced today from cane sugar or glucose. Thanks to the patent, developed in collaboration with Italian scientists and universities, the new polymer adapts to different production processes and can be used in plants dedicated to traditional plastic processing without modifying the production lines. The use of the blockchain also makes it possible to track each lot of the product and to let the customers and consumers know the quantity, origin and destination.