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The plastic that will save the world is Italian

ROME Resolve once and for all the problem of world pollution caused by plastic, in full compliance with current regulations, without changing our daily habits and without altering the balance of the markets.

An ambitious, almost utopian project, on which a group of Italian entrepreneurs and managers started working and which will become a reality by the end of this year in Pomezia, where the first production plant will be built. Also in view of the EU ban, starting from 2021, to the use of throwaway plastic for all member countries.

EarthBi is the “green” Italian start-up that has patented a new biobased and highly biodegradable plastic material, which does not pollute because it dissolves in a short time. Through a patent developed thanks to a study carried out in collaboration with Italian scientists and industrial chemists, the PLA (polylactic acid) is made better, extending its utilization capacity and making it suitable for different production processes, even the most complex ones. It can therefore be used in systems dedicated to traditional plastic processing without modifying the production lines. Earthbi bioplastic is obtained using biomasses derived from production waste of natural origin and can be disposed of through normal composting processes.


Not only: in the production process Blockchain is also used to «guarantee transparency on the technical characteristics and traceability of the product», the producers explain. The basic element is polylactic acid (Pla), which is a biodegradable plastic produced today from cane sugar or glucose.

Fully operational

“From the first bioplastic production line in Italy, located in Pomezia (Rome) – they add – in the upcoming months we will move on to the development of plants in Slovenia, Malta and Bulgaria, for a total final capacity of about 60,000 tons per year of bioplastic ».

“A project born among former managers who believe in a more sustainable future”

ROME “The inspiration for founding EarthBi was given by the observation that at the current pace the economy would soon become unsustainable for the planet. The world produces 400 million tons of plastic every year, one of the main pollutants on the planet, able to withstand the environment for over 100 years “: Mauro Pedretti is administrator and one of the founders of EarhBi.

How did you turn a dream into reality?

«We are a group of people who come from different work experiences: there are lawyers, former managers, business consultants. But none of us had worked with plastic before. We shared a reasoning: it is impossible to replace all the plastic used today with other materials. Enough to say that disposable plastic represents 60% of the total, therefore it is equal to 240 million tons produced every year in the world ».

Will your bioplastic cost much more to producers?

“I can assure you that we are highly competitive even in prices”.

How will the production take place?

“We will produce bioplastics in our factories, which will then be supplied to our customers ready to be processed and transformed into any object, just as with traditional plastic”.